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Kid Cudi @ REBEL

This show, was SO HARD.

To be honest, it almost felt like - dare I say it - a waste of my time, as I walked away with a bunch of blurry, underexposed pictures at best.

There's only been two instances where I've been without a photopit at REBEL. This was the third. Instead, this was a soundboard shoot. While I was armed with a long lens (70-200mm and a 2x extender), The roughly 10 photographers who were approved for the show were all herded into a tiny section of the area near the soundboard. And every single one of them held their camera above their heads. By the end of it, my arms were aching, and I was incredibly stressed!

There's honestly not much to look at, but if you really want to see the full set, head over to Live In Limbo.



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