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The Globe and Mail Interview - Sound Image 2019

And so, the (occasional) interviewer, becomes the interviewee!

Last week, I chatted with The Globe and Mail about my inclusion in Analogue Gallery's annual 'Sound Image' music photography exhibit + competition.

Check out the here for some of my thoughts on concert photography, and the background of my snap of The Dirty Nil - one of two of my photos included in the exhibit.

Article is paywalled, so here are the specific excerpts I'm quoted in:

Think shooting rock concerts is glamorous? Consider that photographers are herded into a “pit” in front of the stage, tasked to capture the mood of the whole show within the first three songs and then marched out of the venue. “You’re thrown into a circumstance that you have very little control over,” says Toronto photographer Katrina Lat. “You’re constantly adjusting your settings in the hope that in a limited time you’re going to come out with something that’s properly exposed, in focus and is technically sound.”
Katrina Lat, on her photograph of Hamilton, Ont., rock band the Dirty Nil, taken Dec. 1, 2018, at Toronto’s Opera House: "The photographs that resonate the most with me are the ones that when I look at them I can remember the feelings I experienced at that concert. For the Dirty Nil show, ‘awe’ might be the right word to use. I hadn’t been a fan previously. But this shot is representative of the moment I realized this band was doing something special. It captures the intensity and intimacy of the moment.”

Two of my photos were selected for the exhibit:

This portrait shot of The Dirty Nil, as profiled in the newspaper article

And this capture of Morcheeba from Secret Solstice Festival earlier this year.

Come check out my photos IRL (instead of on a screen for once!) as well as the work of several of my talented peers, at 950 Queen St. W. from Nov. 28 to Dec. 1.


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