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The SXSW That Almost Was: A List of Artist Recommendations


You can check out my list of SXSW recommendations here:

On Friday, a week before SXSW was slated to begin, the event was officially cancelled due to COVID-19. I understand the rationale behind its cancellation, but I am so sad - for the dream-chasing artists & entrepreneurs, the local community who derives $300M of economic impact from the event, and selfishly, for my SX loving self.

Every year, I've made it a personal mission to try and listen to every artist on the hashtag#sxsw lineup. This year, was going to be the year I finally accomplished just that. I'm currently sitting at 1357/1542 (88%) of the lineup, and like the proper nerd I am, I've rated & spreadsheet-ified the entire thing.

This spreadsheet is the opinion of a single music-loving human, and the product of hundreds of hours of work. I was hoping to see these artists, experience their art in person, and share photographs and stories with you - but for now, this is the next best thing.

Please listen to these talented, innovative artists from all around the world, many of whom have sunk thousands of dollars into sharing their art - funds they may not be able to recover.

SXSW 2020 may be cancelled, but let's keep the spirit of SXSW alive - the desire to support developing talent, the appreciation of culture from around the world, and the absolute thrill of discovery.


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