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Just Around the Bend

Grand Bend is a beach-side community located on the shores of Lake Huron.

It's a popular summer destination, whose population grows to 50,000 during the summer months (according to the invaluable resource that is Wikipedia). However, during a weekend in early Spring (much like, say, last weekend), the population is a significantly smaller 2,000 people.

Though Grand Bend is a popular getaway for Western students, especially for orientation and introductory activities, I somehow managed to last an entire undergrad without visiting.

And so, in an attempt to salvage lost youth, I finally paid Grand Bend a visit.

In typical Kat form, my beach going apparel consisted of my Docs. In my defense, although it was a sunny Spring day, it definitely wasn't warm enough to go into the water.

Though very busy during the warm summer months, the majority of shops and restaurants along the main stretch are closed during the off season. We planned on grabbing lunch, but had a difficult time finding food.

It would be nice to visit Grand Bend again during the busy season and see how much the town changes during the summer. But this time around, it was nice to spend some time by the water, and relax to the sound of the waves

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