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A (Virtual) Time Capsule

This afternoon, I told my roommate I was in the process of updating the format and content of my site.

"Oh, you mean your blog? I used to follow that a few years ago."

I realized he was referring to the old site that chronicled my adventures on Exchange in The Netherlands back in the day.

And so, curious to rediscover these long forgotten thoughts, I logged back into that old account, and embarked on a trip down memory lane.

It's fascinating how many details we can lose to the passage of time, but re-reading the posts made remember the emotions and experiences that influenced them in vivid detail.

I wish I had written more entries. I hope in the future, I can convince myself to write more, and more often - if only to provide my future self with a glimpse of understanding into my former self... and perhaps the kindness to forgive her for whatever mistakes she might have made along the way.

I don't want to forget about these blog entries again, and so I'm going to "migrate" them over to this platform. If you'd like some insight into the anxious 21-year-old who grew into the (slightly less anxious, but very much) adventure-loving woman I am today, you're welcome to peer into the time capsule with me using the hashtag: #exchange

If not, no worries - this one is for me.


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