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Heading in the right direction

January 19, Home Base, Rotterdam, 8PM Local Time

This morning, I moved into another temporary room. Though still in the same building, this one is a little smaller, and has a kitchenette and fridge (huzzah no more PB sandwiches for me!). As I'll be staying here until the end of the month, I figured it's time to start making this place home. Thus, after an afternoon running errands, my fridge is semi-full, and I've acquired the cheapest functional towels, bed sheets, and kitchenware that money can buy.

However, the greatest accomplishment of the day: I didn't get lost. At all. I strutted those streets, my internal compass already starting to calibrate to this new home. This is a big deal for someone who still gets lost when wandering the streets of her suburban hometown. One of the driving factors behind this sudden ability: Rotterdam's gorgeous architecture. The buildings here are eye-candy: unexpected shapes, interesting materials, and overall, buildings that actually look different from one another! I may not know the road names yet (nor how to pronounce them), but I do know that if I take a right after the funky cube building I'll eventually find the market. I'm waiting for a nice sunny day so that I'll have some prime photo-snapping lighting, but at the rate things are going, overcast is much more the norm. Either way, I'll try to get some photos up stat!

Note: The fact that the voyage from home to the city centre is a 20 minute walk in a straight line likely also contributed to do today's directional success. For the sake of preserving the author's ego, we will ignore this fact.


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