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Coheed and Cambria @ REBEL

A serious question -

Who picks the music that plays in the in-venue stereo system between sets?

During Coheed and Cambria's set at the newly renamed REBEL (fka 'Sound Academy'), we were serenaded with 80s pop music in between sets. And while a good, well placed pop tune will always brighten my day, this was quite the interesting pairing!

As my friend Connor stated in his review of the concert

"There’s something about the image of Claudio Sanchez, lead singer and guitarist of Coheed and Cambria and owner of perhaps the most luscious hair of any man alive, jamming out to The Bangles that makes me giggle inside."

Check out my full photo set, and the rest of Connor's review over at Live In Limbo

Coheed and Cambria

Saves the Day



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