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Food: Sushitto

So here's something different - photos of food!

Food Trucks are quite trendy in Toronto, and with the weather finally warming up, they've started to appear on our city streets.

The city's newest food truck, Sushitto, vends, well, 'suhitto's! A cross breed of the buritto and sushi, this mish mash of a food is creating buzz around the city.

The truck opened only yesterday, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it parked right outside my building, with no line up in sight!

Excited, I walked up to the truck, only to be told that there were not yet open, and that I should return at 11AM.

At exactly 11AM, I scurried back downstairs... again to be told that I needed to wait until 11:30.

Finally at noon, I revisited the truck, only to be greeted by a massive line up!

Frustrated, but undeterred, I trudged toward the end of the queue. After 40 minutes of waiting, I finally found myself at the front of the line, and exchanged my cash ($13 for a full sushitto, $8 for half) for a blue post-it note with the number '71'.... only to realize that they were currently serving customer 45. Some customers actually ended up 'refunding' their post it note order numbers as they could no longer wait. But after another 15 minutes, I finally traded in my number for a sushitto!

I was debating between the Unagi and Chef's Special. Eventually, I opted for the Chef's Special... because it's special so therefore must be good ;)

After an hour long wait, I returned upstairs and finally tasted my spoils. The sushitto is filled with the usual sushi fillings: raw fish, fish roe, avocado, cucumber, as well as some other ingredients like mango, and cream cheese. personally, I'm not a fan of cream cheese, so I ended up performing surgery on my food to remove it.

I ordered the full suhitto. Pictured above is half of the entire roll. The sushittos are filling, as is to be expected given their abundance of toppings and rice. A single half would have been enough to fill me up, but I enjoyed keeping the other side for my afternoon snack.

All in all - the sushitto was delicious. I definitely would not wait in another hour long line up to purchase another one, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to try it out! I prefer the traditional sushi rolls better, but this was an interesting and inventive take on a popular food.

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