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Map Me a Brew: 40 Craft Breweries in Toronto

"I miss bar-hopping around the city," my boyfriend confided in me.

It was a beautiful Friday night in Toronto, and like many a covid-era Friday night, we found our once event-crazed selves cozied up on the couch - tv remote in one hand, phone in the other.

We decided it was time to shake things up a bit.

As I write this, bars are still closed for indoor dining/drinking in Toronto, and scoring a patio spot during primetime at a busy establishment is an art in itself.

And so, after a bit of researching, I drafted up this map of 39 Craft Breweries in Toronto. While many of these stops do have a patio where you can rest your weary legs and hop in for a pint or two, each place has a bottle shop, where you can stock up on bevvies, find a (legally certified) spot to enjoy, then sally on forward to the next location.

You can find the map here. Let me know if I'm missing any spots!



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