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This is what my heaven looks like

Tuesday January 21, Rotterdam, 7:00PM Local Time

After a 20 minute walk and 15 minutes on the tram (my first time on the tram!), I walked through a street of car dealerships and factories until I arrived at this beautiful building:

Coincidentally, as soon as I set my eyes upon this building, the sun emerged (see previous post!)

Feedback, the biggest music store in the Netherlands, has a designated room for each instrument: pianos, orchestral, electronic, and of course... guitars.

I've decided to buy a guitar to keep me company for the next few months. Unfortunately, even after being the very last person in the store, I wasn't able to pick an instrument to bring home with me. Every guitar is different, and the two hours I had just weren't enough to try each one out!

There's also the problem of price... Guitars are much more expensive here than they are back home! I'm trying to determine how many times a week I would have to busk in the streets of Rotterdam to recoup my losses.


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