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Stayin'​ a Live(stream): a List of Online Learning Events, June 1-7

Another week stuck indoors, and another list of events you can check out from the comfort of your own home.

Five free livestream events that I'm especially keen on attending next week:

Monday, June 1 @ 1:30pm EST - How to Live With Anxiety (Jonny Benjamin and Oliver Chittenden), How To Academy

Tuesday, June 2 @ 8:00pm EST - How Do NASA Space Suit Engineers Apply Human Centric Design? (Amy Ross, Space Suit Engineer at NASA), UX Research & Strategy

Wednesday, June 3 @ 6:00pm EST - Coronavirus Will Reshape the World Order in China's Favor, IQ2US Debates

Thursday, June 4 @ 12:00pm EST - Jerry Saltz on "How To Be an Artist", SXSW

Thursday, June 4 @ 1:00pm EST - The “Springsteen as History” Project, The New School

Check out the full list of events here:


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