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An Influencer Marketing Revela-Shawn

This morning, I took a trip to my local Tim Hortons to see their partnership with Canadian popstar, Shawn Mendes, first hand.

In the past month and a half, Mendes has announced three high-profile partnerships: he’s a Flow Alkaline Spring Water “sustainability ambassador”, the star of Tim Hortons' “Home is Where the Heart Is” campaign, and as of yesterday, the focus of Roots' latest capsule collection.

It’s nice to see all this Canadian brain (and star) power coming together. However – I do wonder the impact of announcing three high profile partnerships in such quick succession. Does each subsequent announcement dampen a partnership’s effectiveness? Is Flow’s partnership, announced a mere 6.5 weeks ago, long forgotten in the minds of consumers and fans? Were the individual brands aware of the other partnerships when they added Mendes to their payroll?

As marketers, we’re constantly trying to ‘cut through the clutter’. One method of differentiation is by associating with influencers. In the case of top-tier celebrities, like Mendes, this can be a sizable, but potentially momentum shifting, line item.

But when two other brands are sharing the same news as you, are you really cutting through the clutter?


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