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The Best of SXSW 2016

74 artists, 24 shows, 19 venues. After some careful deliberation, here are my favourite artists from SXSW 2016. Some are old friends, some are new finds - but all contributed to the incredible week that was SXSW 2016!

20. Killswitch Engage

Backflipped on, kicked in the head twice, jostled incessantly... the images I captured from this set are memorable to me not only because of the stellar lighting, and action, but because I had to duck and dodge for them. Metal isn't my typical flavour, but I loved the energy from this set.

19. Miguel

The first musical proper performance of my SXSW. The Spotify House was a stellar venue, and Miguel's smooth vocals and dynamic performance set the pace for a music-filled weekend. This was also my first time photographing a show at an outdoor venue.

18. The Soft White Sixties

With a high energy sound and an electric frontman, The Soft White Sixties had a really fun set that had me grooving along despite my tiredness.

17. Wolfmother

Had I not just escaped from the Killswitch Engage moshpit prior to this, Wolfmother's set at this small outdoor venue likely would have ranked higher on this list. The crowd was surprisingly demure for their set, but I was thankful for the break..."demure" and "quiet" aren't words typically used to describe this Australian hard rock band, but after Killswtich it was a welcome break.

16. Stealing Sheep

Imaginative music, percussion, and tight harmonies. These girls have a quirky and wonderful show.

15. Har Mar Superstar

This guy is a performer. Costume changes, attempted breakdancing, tequila shots, and good tunes. Sean Matthew Tillman plays the audience and the camera with ease (sometimes even looking directly at it... or licking it!).

14. Bloc Party

I only caught the tail end of their performance, but their frenetic instrumentation and unexpected melodies create a great show.

13. The Mystery Lights

12. The Zolas

11. Fickle Friends

10. Ciaran Lavery

9. The Strumbellas


7. Arkells

6. Capsula

5. John Legend

4. Lukas Graham

3. Jack Garratt

2. LEJ

1. Satellite Stories


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