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Tash Sultana @ Danforth Music Hall

Aussie multi-instrumentalist, Tash Sultana, graced Toronto for the very first time.

Us photogs are typical spoiled when it comes to shows at the Danforth Music Hall - sightlines are great, the stage isn't too high, and there's a photo pit. However, for this show, we weren't gifted with the last piece of that trinity; there was no pit, and thus I was left to fend for myself in the crowd.

Usually audience members are understanding - they'll see my huge ass (very heavy) camera, and I'll explain to them that I'm photographing for the artist and will only be in their hair for three songs. The extra special media badge stickers we sometimes get help add an extra air of legitimacy.

However, such was not the case at this show. While the majority of the crowd were chill, and very understanding that I had a job to do, one women started being physically violent toward me - pushing me out of the way, swearing at me, and screaming that she had paid for a ticket and that I was "ruining her night". While I tried to explain to her I was only staying for a bit and that I was shooting for the artist & publication, she retorted - "Yeah, that's great, good for you. I paid for my ticket. Move out of my way." Not wanting to cause any trouble, I stepped aside and let her stand in front of me. However that entire altercation left a sour impression on what was otherwise a wonderful performance.

Nonetheless, Tash was great onstage. A one woman band, armed with a vast array of instruments and loop pedals, she performed a soulful, layered, excellent performance.

Openers, the fellow Aussie twins who go by the name Pierce Brothers, were similarly wonderful. It's rare that an opener will get as raucous a reception as the tambourine, didgeridoo, kick drum, guitar playing brothers did.

You know the drill - full set over at Live In Limbo.




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