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Royal Blood @ The Velvet Underground

Shhhhh this one is a secret.

Or at least, it was.

102.1 The Edge, one of the major modern rock radio stations in Toronto, has a "The Edge Secret Thing" concert series. Last year, when they brought Billy Talent to town, I photographed their set.

For this concert series, the artist in question remains a secret up until they take the stage.... at least in theory. Royal Blood, the evening's top secret performer, actually posted on their Facebook wall inviting fans to enter a contest for a small show at a specific location. They also included a map of where this specific location was.

And thus, some basic sleuthing resolved a not-so-well-kept secret.

Either way, having the chance to photograph and see Royal Blood at a small venue like Velvet Underground was a treat! I'd actually purchased tickets to their small show at Tattoo last year, but was sadly unable to go - so I'm glad that this show gave me the chance to redeem myself!

You can see the full photo set over at Aesthetic Magazine.



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