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Kina Grannis @ The Mod Club

Prior to her set at Toronto’s Mod Club Theatre, the ”Tour Archive” page on Kina Grannis’ website lists a handful of 2015 shows from cities across Asia – Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila – all of which never actually happened. Instead, Grannis and her band spent all of this time, and more, in the first of their Asian destinations, Jakarta. 100 days to be precise, due to Visa complications that left them detained in the Indonesian capital. And so with hearty enthusiasm, Toronto welcomed a well missed Kina Grannis back to the stage.

This is an excerpt of the review I wrote for Kina Grannis' show at The Mod Club. This was a deeply emotional performance, so I highly recommend you check out the full write up over at Live In Limbo!


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