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Pop Montreal Festival 2016

My favourite style of music festival is the city festival - in particular, showcase ones.

As much as I love roughing it out in the oft drunken wilderness that is a festival campsite (slight sarcasm here, but I really do love the camping festival community vibe), there's something so wonderful about exploring the city at night with a magical wristband that allows you entry as you hop from one establishment to another. I take secret joy in walking down the city streets, eyeing passerby, and exchanging a slight nod of acknowledgement to those who carry the same brand around their wrists as me.

And I especially love going through this ritual in a city that is not my own, a city whose musical nooks and crannies I've yet to discover... a city like Montreal.

You can check out my official coverage of Pop Montreal 2016 over at Live In Limbo, but for now, here are some pictures from the festival for your viewing pleasure.


Lakes of Canada

How Sad

Feral Love


Justin Wright


Diet Cig


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