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Bamboo @ The Opera House

I've grown very accustomed to being a visible minority at the rock shows I frequent. But as Filipino rock musician Bamboo Manalac graced the stage of The Opera House Toronto, I was surrounded by what was probably the highest concentration of Asian concertgoers I have ever experienced. And it was wonderful. The crowd went absolutely wild for Bamboo's performance. Shrieks littered the sonic space, and outstretched hands reached out to him whenever he came near. Much of Toronto's Filipino community is composed of recent immigrants, many of whom were happy that The Opera House was transformed into a little piece of The Philippines for that one evening. Bamboo's tune 'Hallelujah' has a special place in my heart - and though it's sung in Taglish (a combination of English + Tagalog) I did my best to sing along. PINOY PRIDE!

Check out the full photo set over at Live In Limbo


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