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Nothing But Thieves @ Velvet Underground

Maybe signing up to shoot a show the day right after Osheaga wasn't the best of ideas.

I was completely and utterly exhausted during this show, but I'm really glad that I had the chance to see Nothing But Thieves live! Conor Mason has an excellent set of pipes. I'll admit that I left the gig a bit early due to my sleep deprivation... when the boys are back in town, I'm definitely dragging my hopefully better rested self to their show!

As disclosed previously, the Velvet and I have a love hate relationship. Hence: many black and white photographs.

The full gallery can be seen over at Aesthetic Magazine


As The Unlikely Candidates launched into their last song of the evening, 'Follow My Feet', I realized that I had heard it before during a past random YouTube music video binge. As I sang along to the chorus, frontman Kyle Morris, spotted me in the crowd and flashed a grin my way. He then proceeded to jump off the stage, wade over to me, throw an arm around my shoulder, and gave the microphone to me. Unfortunately, this was during the second verse - which is universally acknowledged as the portion of a song a casual fan is least likely to know.

Nothing But Thieves


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