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CMW 2016 - The Zolas @ Google Canada HQ

As part of Google Music's CMW Happy House Event, The Zolas played a Friday early evening set at Google Canada HQ.

Yes, that's right, the Google Canada office in Toronto has a fully operational stage set up in their meeting room. How cool is that?!

The event was open to delegates only, but the guys invited me to snap a few photos of their show.

This was my 5th (!) time seeing The Zolas perform, and my 3rd time photographing their set. They have an infectious and memorable sound, that I just can't help but dance along to - whether or not I have a camera in hand.

I never like knowing an artist's setlist beforehand. For me, the magic of a live performance lies in the unexpected nature of it all; this is one thing that just can't be captured in a studio setting. I love seeing how artists weave the narrative of their music together in different ways - sometimes moving seamlessly between tracks, using new intros/outros, or performing covers. I don't want to ruin the surprise of it all, and so, I make a conscious effort to divert my eyes from onstage setlists.

The Zolas will be back in Toronto on Saturday, June 18, where they are playing the NXNE Port Lands stage. Hopefully, this music lover will be there to see them for a 6th time!


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