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Gone Fish(eye)ing

Yesterday, I added a brand new lens to my camera arsenal: a Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye.

Fisheyes have a rounded convex lens, resulting in rounded distortion to the image - straight lines become rounded, and entire image takes on a 'circular' appearance.

This is a really fun effect, and I went around the city playing with my new 'toy'.

The 8mm is a *very* wide lens. Sometimes, I needed to stand super close to my subject or else they would appear really far away.

Because I have a full-frame camera, the lens is even "wider" than the camera can 'handle'. As such, the lens hood is captured within the photos.

If you remove the photos, you are left with a circular vignette.

Even random trees look awesome through a fisheye!

I'm interested to see how the lens fares in a concert setting. It's aperture is only f/3.5, so it may not be fast enough to handle the low light. Also, I usually station myself stagefront during shows, so this lens may be too wide. However, with music festival season swiftly approaching, I'm looking forward to capturing some outdoor crowd shots with this lens!

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