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CMW 2016 - Lapsley @ The Mod Club

For Day 2 of CMW, I headed to The Mod Club (my favourite small venue in Toronto) for Låpsley.

The evening's opener was singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Katy Morley, who goes by the name Morly.

British singer-songwriter, Lapsley, has garnered significant critical acclaim and comparisons to label-mate Adele. She was the recipient of the Grulke Prize for Best Developing Non-US Act at SXSW 2016. I didn't get a chance to catch her set while I was in Austin, so I'm glad her tour stopped in Toronto for CMW.

Lapsley's voice is absolutely gorgeous - full, soothing, and emotive. In between songs, she joked casually with the crowd about being able to drink at the venue (she's only 19!) and how she sometimes doesn't notice faults in her makeup application until looking at the night's photos the next day.


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