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CMW 2016 - Wayhome Showcase @ Mod Club

Saturday night was my final photo assignment for CMW - and I'll admit that by this time, I was downright exhausted and secretly happy that it was over.

I was stationed at The Mod Club for WayHome Music & Arts Festivals' CMW Showcase.

You can see my full set of photos at Aesthetic Magazine.

Montreal's Heartstreets kicked off the evening with their sung / rap tunes.

Next, Kiki Rose, who opened for Eden earlier this year at The Velvet Underground.

My personal favourite of the evening, Lucas DiPasquale.

Amir Obe, who drew a significant crowd that evening.

and finally, headliner, HUMANS

HUMANS' set was my first time photographing a DJ set. With the dim lighting and table in between the artist and I, this was a new challenge for me.

Check out the full set of photos at Aesthetic Magazine!


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