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SXSW 2016 - Day 3

I started the day off bright, and early on Day Three and caught a few morning panel sessions -

'Marketing to Fandom' featuring Ashleigh Gardner from Toronto-based fanfiction and writing community, Wattpad

Film producer Ed Saxon, best known for his work with the Academy Award Winning film The Silence of the Lambs on the importance of The Story.

I also finally had the change to finally wander the Trade Show floor... During which I consumed mass amounts of iced coffee (for the first time since my uni days!). A giant robot also tried to hug me... but that may or may not have a caffeine-induced delusion.

(Let's pretend that the fact this photo is overexposed, out of focus, and not centred is due to caffeine hallucations, and not just because the stranger didn't know how to use my camera. You'll notice that I have very few photos of myself here. This is in part due to the fact that my camera is too precious to be handled by mere mortals, and more so due to the fact that they have no idea what to do with it)

Remember what I said earlier about line-ups? The line to get into JJ Abrams' SXSW Keynote on 'The Eyes of Robots and Murderers' was held on the 4th floor of the Austin Convention Centre... the line up extended around corners, through corridors, and down staircases all the way until we see these folks - on the ground level.

... And while the interactive/film sessions and giant robots were insightful, my main reason for wanting to come to SXSW was for the music. Although the music festival did not officially start until the next day, a few unofficial music events were well on their way.

First off, Spotify House. Although the line (SEE!) forced me to enjoy the musical stylings of Brooklyn duo Lucius from afar (and sadly sans photos), Spotify House was my favourite stage/corporate activation of SXSW. Each person received three drink tickets upon entrance, and the mid-size stage set up was great. Inside, free snacks and drinks were distributed, and a neat visual jukebox could detect the artist on your band tee and start playing their music. To top it all off, entrance was open not just to badgeholders, but to any folk who RSVPd online.

The Spotify House lineup this year was absolutely stellar. My schedule only allowed me one visit, but fortunately it aligned with Miguel's set.

My friend, Tyler, spotted my head in the Spotify Snapchat story! (Yes, i'm very impressed with him)

Next up: Bleached at The Onion + AV Club's unofficial showcase at Barracuda.

And finally, The Crookes at The British Music Embassy (during which I befriended a panda).

I rounded out the night at a SXSW Comedy event at The Hideout featuring Sean Patton, and went to bed that night excited for the music to officially begin.

Want to read about the rest of the adventure?



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