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Panic! at the Disco @ Scotiabank Arena

Speaking of crossing teenage era musical preferences off the photography bucket list... THIS.

I was prepared to scream alongside my fellow Millennials, reminiscing about our side swept quasi emo days of yore.

What I was not expecting, was to look around the venue, and feel, well, old.

It's remarkable how Brendan Urie has managed to remain relevant after all these years. And deservingly so, as Panic!'s most recent album, Pray for the Wicked is a stellar piece.

We shot our standard first three songs from the far aisle of the venue:

I didn't have a ticket to this show, but given how much I love Panic!'s most recent album, I scoured the interwebs to see if I could find a reasonably priced one.

Lucky for me, a quick browse on the Facebook event page revealed a curious post - someone had an extra ticket, and was willing to part with it for free if anyone could guess their favourite Panic! song.

I messaged the person, and met up with him at the venue. Lucky for me, it was only a few minutes before doors, and as he had no other takers, he gave me multiple guesses. After the 5th guess, I prevailed, and secured a ticket to the show seated beside a kind stranger.

Panic! has a rare and wonderful policy for any and all photographers. Whereas most artists will barre individuals from bringing professional camera equipment into a venue unless they have a media pass that is not the case here. As such, I was able to take photos from my ticketed seat in the 200s throughout the rest of the show!

During GIRLS/GIRLS/BOYS, Brendan invited Hayley Kiyoko up on stage. She was originally slated to be the evening's opener, but due to issues at the border, her opening performance was cancelled.


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