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Janelle Monae @ REBEL

When you get asked 1.5hr before the show starts if you'd like to photograph Janelle Monae, you drop EVERYTHING, sell the tickets to the other show you were going to go to, and go cross that goddess off your concert photography bucket list.

The fact that I'm getting to photograph two of my biggest role models (Janelle and Hayley from Paramore) from my teenage years a mere month apart absolutely astounds me.

Janelle Monae always puts on a stage. I remember the first time I saw her, she did a painting while on stage. A painting. Have I mentioned I love her? Because I really, truly do.

She brought a handful of dancers on stage with her. I don't have a lot of experience photographing dancers onstage, so on top of her being one of my favourite performers, it ways a nice challenge to work with!

Full set over at Aesthetic Magazine.


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