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The Bund: Sunrise, Midday, Midnight

The Bund is a waterfront area in Shanghai. Its European-esque board walk, and view of the skyline offers some gorgeous views. Here are some snaps I took at various times of the day.


These were actually some of the last photos I took during my visit in the city. I'm not typically a sunrise person in the slightest, but with a midmorning flight home to catch, and the a serious case of jetlag waiting for me back in Toronto, I figured an early morning photo session on The Bund would be an advantageous adventure. I'm glad I defied my night owl nature and dragged myself out of bed - this was one of my favourite photo taking experiences ever.

Photography note: when you spy a group of elderly DSLR wielding fellows gathered around a puddle, you pause, observe, and then join in on the fun.

A little further down on the boardwalk, I spied a group practicing Tai Chi. I love this visual, as I feel like it encapsulates the spirit of Shanghai - a large, sprawling metropolis with Western influences and a modern skyline, but very much an Eastern city proud of its culture and roots.


Shanghai's skyline is filled with a variety of interesting architecture, including the Shanghai Tower - the 2nd tallest building in the world.


By night, the skyline comes alight in a rainbow of flashing colours. The bund itself is warmed by lamp post light, its luminescence further highlighting its European-esque built.

NOTE: these photos were not actually taken at midnight. Please allow me some artistic license in terms of naming, and forgive me for misrepresentation....


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