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Bastille @ Danforth Music Hall

Big band, small venue.

Shortly before this show, Bastille announced that they would be coming back in a few months time to perform a stadium show at the significantly larger Air Canada Centre.

It always fascinates me when big bands decide to downsize their accommodations for the evening. While I can imagine the sheer visual magnitude of a sea of screaming fans and flashing cell phones in a stadium show can be addictive, the intimacy afforded in a small setting where the band can actually properly see the audience must be lovely as well.

As an audience member, I always prefer the smaller venues. I love being able to see the band (without the aid of a jumbotron!), and how they interact with each other - both in terms of their instruments, and as individuals. I also find the energy in a small venue feels much more organic - less "OMG I AM A SCREAMING FANGIRL", and more "for this little slice of time, we are a makeshift community".

You can check out the full photo set from Bastille's performance over at Aesthetic Magazine


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