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Two Door Cinema Club @ REBEL

Two years ago, I backpacked solo throughout Europe - travelling from Oslo to Lisbon by way of train, bus, boat, bike, canoe, and good ol' fashion foot. Somewhere on my overnight bus between Vilnius, Lithuania and Warsaw, Poland, Two Door Cinema Club's 'Next Year' shuffled into my headphones for the very first time.

In my travel weary, dreamlike state, this song resonated with me on an incredibly personal level.

I don't know where I am going to rest my head tonight

So I won't promise that I'll speak to you today

Maybe someday, you'll be somewhere Talking to me as if you knew me, Saying, I'll be home for next year, darling. I'll be home for next year.

I love Two Door's discography, but that song in particular is incredibly special to me. Every time I hear even so much as the opening notes, it connects me back to a simpler, poorer, freer, and much more adventurous chapter in my life.

Hearing that song was a special kind of magic.

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Two Door Cinema Club



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