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NXNE 2016 - Club Land

SXSW's little Canadian cousin went through a teenage existential crisis this year.

Now in its 22nd year, the festival tried to carve a new space for itself in the city. In the past, its format was very similar to SXSW - a wristband provided attendees "all-access" to showcases happening throughout the city. However, this format was also very similar to CMW (Canadian Music Week). In the past, the timing did not prove a significant overlap as CMW was held in the winter months. However, as of last year, CMW was moved to May - a timeslot that may have been a bit too close for comfort.

As such, this year's NXNE ditched the wristband in favour of a three pronged approach, "Club Land" ticketed shows marketed under the NXNE name, the "Port Land" two-day music festival, and "Game Land" live e-sports and gaming conference.

Here are selections from the Club Land shows I attended this year. Full coverage can be seen over at Aesthetic Magazine.

Full coverage from the festival can be seen over at Aesthetic Magazine.


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